Marina Bernried News

Our hotel remains open for business guests and those that are required to travel.
Due to the pandemic, the Bavarian Goverment has prolonged the Corona restriction measures until further notice. We are very sorry that our restaurant, the spa and the conference facilities have to stay closed.

We really do hope that the Corona restrictions will ease and are looking forward to welcome you soon in the Marina Resort. Don’t forget we are hosts from our heart!

Infections Control Measures

We have developed concepts to secure the utmost safety for all guests that are staying with us.
Staff and guests  are required to wear mouth-nose coverings in public areas. Path-and distance markings on the ground and appropriate signage also help to avoid infections when spontaneously approached.The one-way street principle applies at bottlenecks. We also provide disinfectants and masks to all guests individually and at public points (entrance areas, sanitary facilities, hotel reception) All work and guest areas,  including door and window handles, handrails, keys, fittings, light switches, touch screens and other touch-intensive objects and surfaces are also regularly cleaned and disinfected. Items that could be held by several people are regularly disinfected or replaced by single-use products or issued at intervals so that a subsequent infection can be ruled out.