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Water is life

a bath is like a short trip to happiness, a gift for your health. Water can bear truly miracles – especially, if enhanced with valueable, well perfumed essences. Our baths encourage various moods, such as refreshment and stimulation, relaxation and calmation, empowerment and energy – just as your constitutional desire.

Sea salt algea bath

Dive in into our refreshing mixture of sea salt and algea. While you relax, the recipy enhances your body functions. Further, your body receives Important minerals and tightens up.

25 min bath | 30 €

Basic gemstone

Promotes the removal of acids and slags through the skin.

30 min bath | 30 €

Beauty bath

The beneficial and relaxing vapors and the nourishing, rich oils of bath chocolate are a delight for your body and soul.

30 min bath | 30 €